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Planned Maintenance 2016-05-13 @ 02:00 UTC (30 minutes)

Last updated: Fri Jan 27 21:49:17 GMT 2017

The ThousandEyes team will be making changes to our core datacenter networking infrastructure on May 13, 2016 beginning at 02:00 UTC.  This change is being made as a part of a major infrastructure move between datacenter locations, and will result in improved availability and connectivity to ThousandEyes services. The expected impact is short, however during this period, users may be redirected to our maintenance mode pages.

This work will be completed inside the 30 minute advertised window.

Maintenance duration

Start2016-05-13 02:00  2016-05-12 22:00  2016-05-12 19:00
End2016-05-13 02:302016-05-12 22:302016-05-12 19:30

Services affected

While the changes are being made, the platform will be placed into maintenance mode, which will prevent login.  Users attempting to connect to the website at this time will receive a maintenance mode message, with an HTTP/200 OK response.  The image shown below will represent any request to the ThousandEyes platform site while in maintenance mode.


In this scenario, the ThousandEyes API site will also be placed into Maintenance Mode, which will prevent logins.  Users attempting to connect to the API at this time will receive a maintenance mode message, with an HTTP/503 Service Unavailable response.  The text below will be shown on any attempt to access

Please bear with us, the ThousandEyes API is currently in maintenance mode.

Existing tests will continue to run as scheduled.  Data will be stored locally until the agents are able to connect with the appropriate ThousandEyes agent collector, once the site is brought out of Maintenance mode.

While the site is in maintenance mode, our agents will continue collecting data as scheduled, and will synchronize their data with the main site upon initial check-in following the update.