What is the BrowserBot?

Last updated: Fri Jan 27 21:49:16 GMT 2017

ThousandEyes Virtual Appliances are shipped with both the Enterprise Agent and BrowserBot components enabled.  When installing the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent as Linux package on a supported operating system, you have the option to install or not install BrowserBot, using the -b flag on the installation script.

What is the BrowserBot?

The BrowserBot is a component of the agent code that manages Page Load and Transaction tests.  This is accomplished through running an instance of the Chrome browser.  HTTP Server tests do not use BrowserBot and do not need the BrowserBot installed.

Can I modify an Agent after it's already been installed?

Yes.  To install the BrowserBot component on a Enterprise Agent that does not already have the component installed, simply re-run the installation script, including your ThousandEyes Account Group token, and the -b flag

sudo ./install_thousandeyes.sh -b {your account group token}

This will run the installation for the component, which will check in with the Agent collector when complete, and update itself. The BrowserBot version will now appear under the Agent in the Agent Settings page, per the image below:


Additional resource requirements

When installing the BrowserBot package on an agent, it requires additional memory. We strongly recommend the deployment of an agent in a configuration running 2GB of memory.