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Minor updates: IE compatibility, Agent alerts

Last updated: Mon Feb 04 23:45:51 GMT 2019

We made a few updates today, and wanted to share the good news.

Internet Explorer compatibility

Certain customers had reported issues relating to stale data being shown in the ThousandEyes UI after making a change, such as adding either a Enterprise Agent or a test.  This was previously resolvable by modifying the caching settings.  
The minor change introduced today will allow IE users to access the platform without modifying caching settings.

Agent Connectivity Alerts

With our release last week (click here for the release update), we added alerting when a Enterprise Agent loses connectivity to the agent collector for more than 30 minutes.  By popular demand, we've updated the agent settings page to include a control which allows account administrators to change the list of recipients of alert emails.  This control is accessible by any user with Account Admin or Org Admin privileges, and can be found in the lower right corner of an expanded agent in the Agent Settings page.  An example is shown below:


  1. To disable alerting when agent connectivity is interrupted, simply uncheck the 'Alert when agent goes offline' checkbox.  This will cause the rest of the relevant alerting elements to be hidden.
  2. The alert emails section shows a list of all recipients who will be emailed if an alert is triggered.  To remove a notification destination, click the X next to the user's name.
  3. To add a new notification destination, click anywhere in the list of email alerts, and select the email you wish to add.  This will open a familiar style of dialog, shown below:

  4. To add an email address not currently being used by a user, click the edit emails button.  This will open a dialog which will allow the addition of new email addresses, which can be used by alerts. 


    Note: when you add a new email address, a confirmation email is sent to the new email address, to notify the recipient that their address was added to ThousandEyes.  Once a user has been added to the list of available emails, the user can be added to the agent alerts.

If you have questions relating to this, or any other update, please feel free to browse our knowledge base at, or contact a member of our Customer Success Team by emailing