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(Resolved) 2015-04-20: Private peers experiencing BGP flapping

Last updated: Mon Feb 04 23:45:51 GMT 2019

4/20/2015 19:37 UTC: We are currently experiencing an issue with our route aggregator maintaining peering sessions with customers.  Over the last 48 hours, our route aggregator has been crashing periodically, resulting in session resets with peered customers.  Our operations team is aware of the issue and working to restore stability to the route aggregation infrastructure.  

UPDATE: As of 4/21/2015, ThousandEyes has brought a new instance of our route aggregator online. This should resolve the system resource issues that caused peering sessions to be intermittently interrupted.  Some customers have been moved to this new instance.  Those customers who were moved to the new instance have been sent email containing instructions on changing their router configurations to peer with the new aggregator.