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(Resolved) 2015-09-30 BGP monitors issue

Last updated: Mon Feb 04 23:48:03 GMT 2019

9/30/2015 20:00 UTC: We are currently experiencing an issue that affects some users' BGP data for BGP tests and any test type that includes BGP data.  BGP Path Visualization displays monitors unable to reach the target prefix/AS, which would trigger any configured Alert Rules pertaining to reachability.  This is the result of an issue within the ThousandEyes platform and does not reflect actual reachability.

Our operations team is aware of the issue and working to restore the BGP data.  We will also be removing alerts created by this issue, so that they will not continue to generate notifications and will not affect reporting on alerts.  We will update this notice when the issue is resolved.

UPDATE: As of 2015-09-30 23:00 UTC, the issue affecting some BGP data from BGP monitors has been resolved.  Alerts caused by this issue were removed by our Operations team.