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Cloud Agent Maintenance - 2019-01-11 18:00 UTC New York, NY 2 - IPv6 (Cogent)

Last updated: Fri Jan 11 23:59:22 GMT 2019

Affected Cloud Agents: IPv6 (Cogent) New York, NY 2

Maintenance period: 2019-01-11 18:00 - 2019-01-12 02:00 UTC

Maintenance details: The Cloud Agent will be given a new IP address in a different subnet of the provider's network. This maintenance is performed by the provider.

Expected Impact: Tests on this Cloud Agent will not be running during the performance of the maintenance. Customers will not have data for the period within the maintenance window that the Agent is actually offline.

Regional timings for the maintenance:
Time ZoneBeginningEnding
UTC2019-01-11 18:002019-01-12 02:00
EST2019-01-11 13:002019-01-11 21:00
PST2019-01-11 10:002019-01-11 18:00
local (ICT)2019-01-11 12:002019-01-11 20:00