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(Resolved) Cloud agent maintenance 2019-01-04: Warsaw, Poland

Last updated: Fri Jan 04 11:28:57 GMT 2019

Affected Cloud Agent

Warsaw, Poland

Maintenance period

2019-01-04 10:00 - 11:00 UTC


To ensure sufficient expansion capabilities for the future, our operations team will be migrating the Cloud Agent located in Warsaw, Poland to a new provider. The migration will happen seamlessly within the outlined maintenance period.

Effect for customers

No interruptions in the test execution will occur. The moment when the old agents stop executing tests is the moment when agents hosted in the new location will take over.

As with any migration, the possibility of unexpected impact on individual customer tests still exists. Before deciding to give a green light to the migration, our operations team has tested the new provider's network extensively and no apparent issues have been found.

After the provider change has been completed, if you see unexpected test results coming from the Warsaw Cloud Agent, then please contact the ThousandEyes Customer Success team. The Customer Success team can be reached via or live chat.

Regional timings for the maintenance

Time ZoneBeginningEnding
UTC2019-01-04 10:002019-01-04 11:00
EST2019-01-04 05:002019-01-04 06:00
PST2019-01-04 02:002019-01-04 03:00
local (CET)2019-01-04 11:002019-01-04 12:00

Event Timeline

2019-01-04 11:00 UTC: Maintenance complete
2019-01-04 10:44 UTC: All the tests have been moved to the new servers
2019-01-04 10:00 UTC: Beginning of the maintenance