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(Resolved) 22019-03-06 01:21 UTC Outage Affecting Cloud Agent Amsterdam, Netherlands - IPv6

Last updated: Wed Mar 06 22:38:03 GMT 2019

Cloud Agent "Amsterdam, Netherlands - IPv6" was facing degradation in IPv6 service. The Service Provider and their vendor  worked to fix this issue. 

Affected Scope: 

The impacted tests showed unexpected packet loss. The data was being collected as usual, so there were no gaps in the timeline.


The Issue was resolved by our Service Provider and their vendor. 

Event timeline

2019-02-26 18:25 UTC: Issue reported by a customer, investigation started.
2019-03-05 05:52 UTC: Issue identified. ISP is working to diagnose root cause and resolve issue.
2019-03-06 01:21 UTC: Service provider completed maintenance, the losses have stabilized and issue resolved.