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Cloud Agent Maintenance: 2019-03-06 Osaka, Japan & Osaka, Japan IPv6

Last updated: Wed Mar 06 19:26:54 GMT 2019

Affected Cloud Agents: Osaka, Japan & Osaka, Japan IPv6

Maintenance period: Monday, March 4th  PST 

Maintenance details: Due to an expansion, additional IPs will be added to Cloud Agents 'Osaka, Japan' and 'Osaka, Japan IPv6'. 

Expected Impact: We do not anticipate any downtime or impact on test performance. 

If you utilize inbound ACLs to limit access to test targets, please add the following IPs to your IP Whitelist. 
Otherwise, no specific actions are required of you at this time. 

We are available via our in-application chat function, or via email at to answer any questions that you may have.