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(Resolved) 2019-01-28 05:30 (UTC) Service degradation affecting Cloud Agent "Shenyang, China (China Unicom)"

Last updated: Mon Feb 11 03:25:11 GMT 2019

Cloud Agent "Shenyang, China (China Unicom)" is currently experiencing interruptions in service due to maintenance. 

Affected scope

Tests assigned to Cloud Agent "Shenyang, China (China Unicom)" will not be performed while the agent is unavailable. New IP addresses may be assigned to the Cloud Agent at the end of maintenance.

No other Cloud Agents are affected



Service degradation is currently ongoing. The Cloud Agent will be periodically unavailable during this maintenance window 


Event Timeline 

2019-01-29 10:00 UTC: End of maintenance window

2019-01-29 04:00 UTC: Start of maintenance window.