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Endpoint Agent fails to update

Last updated: Fri Jan 12 01:52:45 GMT 2018

A known issue with updating the Endpoint Agent exists which can cause the Endpoint Agent to hang, in rare circumstances.

Endpoint Agents normally will detect new versions and then update automatically. In order to update automatically, the Endpoint Agent process, te-agent, must be stopped briefly while the updater process runs. However, in some rare circumstances a race condition will prevent the Endpoint Agent process (te-agent) from being shut down automatically. When the shutdown fails, the Endpoint Agent will hang. The Agent will not be able to update and will not collect data.

Affected Versions

Endpoint Agent for Windows, version 0.80.1 and later.

To check your version of Endpoint Agent, view the ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent entry in the list of applications installed in Windows. In the examples below, the version of the Endpoint Agent is indicated in the red box.

For Windows 10, open Settings > Apps > Apps & features:

User-added image

For Windows 8.x, open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features:

User-added image

The most current version of Endpoint Agent can be determined by downloading the Windows MSI installer from the Endpoint Agent page.​ The filename will contain the current version.


The following symptoms may indicate that your Endpoint Agent is affected by this issue:

  • Endpoint Agent does not update automatically, after a new version of Endpoint Agent is released
  • Endpoint Agent is not reporting data to the ThousandEyes platform


Rebooting the system may solve the issue. Once the system is rebooted, wait 5 minutes then check the Endpoint Agent version per the instructions above.

If a reboot does not trigger the update, you may be able to resolve the issue with the following steps:

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager
  2. Locate the Endpoint Agent ("te-agent") process within the Task Manager
  3. Terminate the te-agent process using the Task Manager
  4. Wait for the te-agent process to restart and reappear in the Task Manager
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4
  6. Once the Endpoint Agent process does not reappear, wait 5 minutes and then open Task Scheduler, select the "Task Scheduler Library", click on the "ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent Updater Installer" and right-click to run the task:

    User-added image