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Planned Maintenance 2020-05-03 17:00 UTC

Last updated: Thu Apr 23 16:51:38 GMT 2020

Maintenance details

Maintenance will be performed on an internal caching service in our primary data center.

Expected impact

Agent-to-Agent tests using the NAT Traversal feature will experience approximately 10 minutes of test interruption within the maintenance period. Alerts can trigger, depending on the customer’s alert rule(s) configuration. Platform availability will not be impacted by this maintenance.

Maintenance period

Start: Sunday 2020-05-03 17:00 UTC
End:  Sunday 2020-05-03 19:00 UTC

Regional timings for the maintenance can be found below

Time ZoneBeginningEnding
UTC2020-05-03 17:002020-05-03 19:00
US EST 2020-05-03 13:002020-05-03 15:00
US PST2020-05-03 10:002020-05-03 12:00