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(Resolved) 2020-07-28 12:00 UTC Sendgrid service degradation may affect email delivery for alerts & account updates

Last updated: Tue Jul 28 20:39:26 GMT 2020

Affected scope:

Sendgrid, our mail provider, is currently experiencing an outage.  Customers may see delays in email correspondence which includes alerts, reports, account information, and support case updates.  ThousandEyes infrastructure is fully operational. Webhooks and alert integrations are not be affected.


This issue has been resolved by Sendgrid.


2016-07-28 12:00 UTC: Earliest issues detected as reported by Sendgrid
2016-07-28 16:40 UTC: Issue detected by ThousandEyes
2020-07-28 19:38 UTC: Sendgrid confirmed that all of their systems had returned to normal and began monitoring the reported resolution.
2020-07-28 20:07 UTC: Sendgrid confirmed that no further disruption to services had been observed