2020-07-23 18:27 UTC: Service degradation affecting data availability within app.thousandeyes.com and api.thousandeyes.com

Last updated: Thu Jul 23 19:37:45 GMT 2020

Status: Resolved


A platform service degradation occurred between 18:27 and 18:46 UTC on 2020-07-23.

Reports, Internet Insights, Endpoint Agent, and BGP related data was temporarily unavailable during this time frame. Endpoint Agent and BGP data submission was delayed during this timeframe but no data was lost.

Event Timeline:

2020-07-23 18:51 UTC: Delayed data was successfully populated within the platform.
2020-07-23 18:46 UTC: Service degradation was resolved. Operations continued to monitor platform behavior.
2020-07-23 18:27 UTC: Service degradation first observed.

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