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Release Update 2020-03-03

Last updated: Wed Mar 18 22:39:11 GMT 2020


Response to Coronavirus 

The COVID-19 virus is putting a huge strain on IT and network teams all around the world. To help with the increased surge of remote workers, we at ThousandEyes are offering our Endpoint Agent product, free of charge. For more information, please see our blog or contact the ThousandEyes team.

Browser-Based Tests

In an upcoming release, ThousandEyes will upgrade the version of Chromium used by browser-based tests (Page Load, Transaction [Classic], and Transaction tests) from version 68 to version 79. As part of this upgrade, Flash will no longer be supported, and any Page Load, Transaction (Classic), or Transaction test that depends on Flash is unlikely to continue working.

New Features and Enhancements

Dashboards and Reports

When you create a report or a dashboard, you can now exclude data that was captured during a configured alert suppression window. This change should improve the reliability of ThousandEyes reports and dashboards, as they will not include data on planned downtime or maintenance windows.

The Reports page now includes the Color Grid widget. This widget has identical functionality to that of the Color Grid widget found in the Dashboards page.

The message that the Alert List widget displays when there are no active alerts has been updated from No Data to No Alert Activity. The previous message implied that the account had never had any alerts; the new message indicates that there are currently no alerts.

Endpoint Agents

On the Overview page, the default time range is now 60 minutes. The previous default range was 10 minutes, which led to confusion if there was no data within that period. With a longer default range, you should more easily see the overall health of your users’ experience.

Usage Projections

On the Usage and Billing page, projections have been updated and should no longer result in discrepancies when compared to the Test Settings page.


Deprecated and Removed Features

Alert Notifications for HipChat

As announced earlier, ThousandEyes has ended support for alert notifications with HipChat. The ThousandEyes Support team has worked with affected customers, and HipChat integrations have been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • In order to better support tests that have a large number of traces, the Path Visualization view now uses a different method for pagination. Pagination is now based on the total number of traces in the visualization, rather than on the number of source agents. The new pagination provides faster rendering of the Path Visualization.

  • When an alert notification included a link to see a BGP test view, the link resulted in the following error:
    The given server isn’t valid for the current state.
    The error has been resolved.

  • On the Reports page, when data in the table widget was grouped by agent label, an empty column was created. This issue has been fixed. 

  • When an agent label was deleted, tests that were attached to that label could not be enabled or disabled with the Enabled checkbox. You can now enable and disable these tests.

Questions and Comments

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