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(Resolved) Service degradation affecting Cloud Agent test data submission

Last updated: Thu Feb 13 21:42:31 GMT 2020

Some Cloud Agents experienced issues submitting test data to the ThousandEyes platform between 06:10 and 20:26 UTC 2020-02-13. 

Affected Scope

Tests data from affected Agents did not populate within the ThousandEyes app and API.

This issue was confirmed to affect some Agents within the following Cloud Agent data centers: 
Austin, TX
Ashburn, VA (Trial)
Athens, Greece
Bangkok, Thailand
Cairo, Egypt
Chicago, IL
Fremont, CA (Trial)
Helsinki, Finland
Jakarta, Indonesia
Johannesburg, South Africa
Kazan, Russia
Kiev, Ukraine
Lima, Peru
London, England (Trial)
Nagoya, Japan
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Shanghai, China (China Mobile)
Sydney, Australia


This issue has been resolved. 

Event Timeline 

2020-02-13 20:26 UTC: This issue has been resolved. 
2020-02-13 06:10 UTC: A rise in missing test data was first observed.