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Release Update 2020-02-04

Last updated: Thu Feb 20 16:16:50 GMT 2020

New Features and Enhancements

Internet Insights

ThousandEyes has updated the Topology view to improve how destination interfaces are displayed and organized. A new IP Prefix grouping option has been added. This allows users to filter the Destination view, so that only nodes with IP prefixes are shown.

In addition, nodes that do not have enough information to display are now grouped as “Other Destination(s)” in the Topology view.

Endpoint Agents

Endpoint Agent users can now trigger instant tests, allowing them to run one-time queries, validate test configuration, and troubleshoot problems, without waiting for a scheduled test to run.

System metrics are now included in Endpoint Agent scheduled tests, network tests, and browser sessions. These metrics (including CPU load and memory consumption) provide a more comprehensive overview of the state of the end-user’s machine when the test was run, allowing for a clearer understanding of test results and data.


The ThousandEyes API (version 7) now includes the new Dashboard API. Users can create, update, delete, and read dashboards, as well as retrieve data from dashboard widgets. For more information, see the Developer documentation.

Deprecated and Removed Features

Alert Notifications for HipChat

In early March, ThousandEyes is ending support for alert notifications with HipChat. The ThousandEyes Support team will be reaching out to customers that use the integration, to assist with transitioning to other notification channels.

Bug Fixes

  • A change in authentication requirements resulted in the ThousandEyes Virtual Appliance (TEVA) diagnostics page displaying a warning that the ThousandEyes collector was unreachable, despite it working as expected. This error has been resolved.
  • An error occurred during some new Endpoint Agent installations, resulting in the following error message:
    “Recording is not enabled for this page at this time on Endpoint Agent”
    This was caused by an issue with how monitored networks were configured and has been corrected. The Endpoint Agent Extension is now able to initiate recordings before setting up monitored networks.
  • An issue occurred in the Proxy Settings tab, where a user’s configuration changes were not fully rolled back after clicking Cancel. This has been resolved.

Questions and Comments

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