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(Resolved) 2019-12-10 15:37 Service Degradation Affecting controller

Last updated: Tue Dec 10 16:26:51 GMT 2019

We are currently experiencing degraded performance on our Enterprise and Cloud Agent controller infrastructure.

Affected scope

Due to the degraded performance of our Enterprise and Cloud Agent controller infrastructure, we expect up to 1-minute delays with creating new tests or applying test configuration updates. The delay is affecting 1% of all Enterprise and Cloud Agents. No test results will be lost. No alerts should be triggered as a result of the controller delay.


The issue is resolved.

Event timeline

2019-12-10 16:23 UTCIssue resolved.

2019-12-10 11:41 UTCIssue identified. The operations team is working on a resolution.

2019-12-09 13:01 UTC: Start of service degradation.