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2019-09-17 23:16 UTC : Enterprise & Cloud Agent version 1.71.0 returning errors for some HTTP tests

Last updated: Wed Sep 18 06:32:27 GMT 2019


Enterprise & Cloud Agent version 1.71.0 was released to ThousandEyes repositories during our September 17th, 2019 release. Agents began updating from te-agent version 1.70.0 to version 1.71.0 around 2019-09-17 23:15 UTC. 

Some HTTP Server tests began reporting HTTP errors such as  'Empty reply from server' as Agents updated. These errors are associated with an update in te-agent (which executes HTTP Server tests) to use a newer version of libcurl. 


HTTP Server tests returning errors such as 'Empty reply from server' between 2019-09-17 23:00 UTC and 2019-09-18 03:00 were most likely affected by this bug. 


A rollback to te-agent version 1.70.0 was released to ThousandEyes repositories  2019-09-18 02:19 UTC.

Timeline of Events

2019-09-18 02:19 UTC: Rollback to te-agent version 1.70.0 released to ThousandEyes repositories
2019-09-17 23:16 UTC: The first known alert related to this error was triggered  
2019-09-17 23:00 UTC: Cloud and Enterprise Agents began updating from version 1.70.0 to version 1.71.0