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Cloud Agent Maintenance 2019-08-29 Tokyo, Japan 3 (KDDI)

Last updated: Thu Aug 29 22:46:57 GMT 2019

Due to a change in Service Provider, customers with tests assigned to Cloud Agent "Tokyo, Japan 3 (KDDI)" will observe a corresponding change in the network path.

Expected Impact: 

No downtime or impact on test performance was observed during this change. The IP addresses for Cloud Agents within the "Tokyo, Japan 3 (KDDI)" datacenter have not changed. We will continue to support both IPv4 and IPv6 Cloud Agents within this datacenter. Cloud Agent IDs for "Tokyo, Japan 3 (KDDI)", used within the ThousandEyes API, will remain unchanged.

Event timeline

2019-08-29 22:40 UTC: ThousandEyes Operations team confirmed that KDDI was no longer an upstream provider for this datacenter.