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(Resolved) 2019-08-16 08:00 (UTC) Service degradation affecting the "Dublin, Ireland" Cloud Agent

Last updated: Fri Nov 22 16:45:42 GMT 2019

We are currently experiencing packet loss on our Dublin, Ireland Cloud Agent .


Affected scope

Due to packet loss in the provider's network, any tests using Dublin, Ireland Cloud Agent are presenting the loss in test results.
As an workaround, we suggest you modifying your tests to use alternate Cloud Agents locations in Ireland:
- Dublin, Ireland 2
- Dublin, Ireland (AWS eu-west-1)
- Dublin, Ireland (Azure northeurope) 



The issue is currently ongoing.

Our operations team is already working on getting it resolved.

Progress updates will be posted every hour, and when the status changes.


Event timeline

2019-09-27 19:00 UTC: The provider upgraded the network capacity. The issue is solved.

2019-08-16 08:15 UTC: Issue is currently ongoing. Operations team is working on a resolution with the provider.

2019-08-13 00:15 UTC: Event detected by ThousandEyes service reliability team, investigation started with the provider.

2019-08-08 17:30 UTC: Start of service degradation.