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Change of name for "Tokyo 2" Cloud Agents 2019-07-19 17:00 UTC

Last updated: Wed Jul 17 18:28:36 GMT 2019

Affected Agents

Tokyo, Japan 2 and Tokyo, Japan 2 - IPv6


The "Tokyo, Japan 2"  Cloud Agents will be renamed.

Old nameNew name
Tokyo, Japan 2Tokyo, Japan (IIJ)
Tokyo, Japan 2 - IPv6Tokyo, Japan (IIJ) - IPv6


Customers having tests assigned to this Cloud Agent will see the name change in their test views. Similarly, any Alert Rules, Labels, and other locations where the old name appeared will now automatically display the new name, on the first login after the time of the change. API results which include Agent name will see the change immediately after the time of change.

Regional timings

Time ZoneTime of Change
UTC2019-07-19 19:00
US EDT2019-07-19 15:00
US PDT2019-07-19 12:00