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2020-08-30 17:00 UTC Scheduled maintenance for database systems

Last updated: Thu Aug 27 19:10:00 GMT 2020

Maintenance details

ThousandEyes Operations team will be performing maintenance of primary database systems.

Expected impact

Requests to ThousandEyes services including test data in Platform/API, agent check-ins and configuration updates may experience a slower response time along with occasional failures with a 5XX response codes. Alert notifications may be delayed by a few minutes during the maintenance period. No data is expected to be lost. 

Maintenance period

Start:  2020-08-30 17:00 UTC
End:   2020-08-30 19:00 UTC

Regional timings for the maintenance can be found below

Time ZoneBeginningEnding
UTC2020-08-30 17:002020-08-30 19:00
US EDT 2020-08-30 13:002020-08-30 15:00
US PDT2020-08-30 10:002020-08-30 12:00