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(Resolved) Service outage affecting Cloud Agent 'Los Angeles, CA (AT&T)'

Last updated: Sun Jun 23 20:27:56 GMT 2019

Cloud Agent 'Los Angeles, CA (AT&T)'  was unavailable, due to network conditions, between 18:10 and 19:15 UTC on July 23rd, 2019. Tests were not performed during this time

No other Cloud Agents were affected by this event.


Cloud Agent 'Los Angeles, CA (AT&T)' is currently available and  performing tests. 

Event Timeline: 

2019-06-23 19:15 UTC: Network issues were resolved. Cloud Agent connected to the ThousandEyes platform. 
2019-06-23 18:10 UTC: Cloud Agent could not connect to the ThousandEyes platform. 
2019-06-23 12:10 UTC: Beginning of network conditions affecting performance which resulted in multiple Local Issues and failed tests.