Working with Agent and Test Groups

Last updated: Fri Jan 27 21:47:00 GMT 2017

Administrators can define groups of tests, which can be used to quickly select which tests to show (where filters are available), and which tests to assign to specific alert rules. You can use these groupings in Agent to test assignment and test filtering today, as well as other areas (including alerts) in the future, as we continue to update our user interface.

To manage your groups, browse to the Groups page and create groups for your tests. There are two tabs: one for Agent groups and one for Test groups.  You'll see some built-in groups for enabled Agents or tests and selected Agents or tests, to allow quick selection in search boxes.


Creating a group:

  1. On the right hand side of the page, find the text "New group name..." and enter a name for your group
  2. Choose a color by clicking the teal circle, and selecting a color from the context menu that pops up
  3. Click the + button or hit enter
  4. Search for or select Agents or tests from the main list.  You may use the built-in groups or the Enabled or Selected links.
  5. Make one or more selections by clicking their names.  The background for the name will change color indicating that it has been selected.
  6. Drag the selections into your group.  Dragging all selections is done by dragging any one of the selections.

Once your Agents or tests have been assigned to groups, these groups can be used to quickly assign Agents to tests or vice versa.

If you make a mistake, and need to remove an Agent or test from a group, simply find the Agent or test in the main list, and click the x on the right side of the group label.


Groups can be renamed or deleted by clicking the pencil icon beside the group name, then either renaming and clicking the checkmark, or clicking the trash can and confirming.


Click the checkmark to confirm your change, or the trash can to remove the group.


Working with groups

Working with groups is pretty simple.  You can search using the search box above an Agent or test list, and filter by test group.  Filters and searches are BOTH applied, so only the items which meet all selected criteria will be shown.


  1. Search for tests using the search box.  This case-insensitive search interface will search based on the test's type, target and name.  Tests which match will be shown in the list below.
  2. Select a group, to filter.  Tests which don't meet the search criteria (1) AND the filters (2,3) will be suppressed from the list
  3. Multiple groups can be used for filtering.  Filters are ANDed together, so tests must match all filters in order to be displayed.
  4. When a group is selected, that group will be highlighted on the Test's display.
  5. To add a test to another group, select (the Test will be highlighted in teal), and drag it into the new group; an "Assign X Tests to group" will be shown (see below)