Where can I get the Account Group Token?

Last updated: Wed Aug 07 20:53:58 GMT 2019

The Account Group Token is an alphanumeric string used to bind an Enterprise Agent to a specific Account Group. The Account Group Token is not a password which must be kept secret.

The token can be retrieved in two different views in the app, as illustrated in the following sections.

Account Settings Page

The Account Group Token can be found in the Account Settings page of the app, in the Account Groups tab (1):

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In order for the Account Groups tab to be visible, the user needs to have the Organization Admin role, or alternatively, a role with the View all account groups settings permission.

Agent Settings Page

The second location where the Account Group Token can be obtained is the Enterprise Agents tab of the Agent Settings page:

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First, click the Add New Enterprise Agent button (2), then, in the subsequent pop-up window, the Account Group Token can be revealed by clicking the Show Account Group Token for Installation link (3):

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The user must have a role with the Edit agents in account group permission to see the Token. 

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