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Transactions (Classic) - How to Uninstall the ThousandEyes Recorder

Last updated: Fri May 01 17:47:35 GMT 2020

Notice of obsolescence
This content is related to an older generation of ThousandEyes transaction test type, now renamed to Transaction (Classic). We encourage you to start using the more powerful, JavaScript-based current generation of transactions. For more information about the current generation transaction testing, head over to the Transaction Scripting Guide.

As a browser extension, installation and removal of the ThousandEyes Recorder is managed by your browser. This article describes how to uninstall the ThousandEyes Recorder from Chrome and Chromium browsers.  

Table of Contents

What is the ThousandEyes Recorder
How is the ThousandEyes Recorder Installed
How is the ThousandEyes Recorder Uninstalled

What is the ThousandEyes Recorder 

ThousandEyes leverages Selenium to automate browser activity for transaction tests performed by Enterprise and Cloud Agents. 

The ThousandEyes Recorder is a browser extension, for Chrome and Chromium browsers, which allows users to perform the following functions: 
  • record individual browser interactions with web pages and convert them into a selenium script
  • play back scripted activity within the browser
  • view and modify scripted activity
  • export scripts to the ThousandEyes platform

How is the ThousandEyes Recorder Installed 

The ThousandEyes Recorder may be installed as an extension, in Chrome and Chromium, using the Chrome web store. Complete instructions are available within this article.

How is the ThousandEyes Recorder Uninstalled 

As a browser extension, installation and removal of the ThousandEyes Recorder is managed by your browser. 

The following steps may be performed to uninstall the ThousandEyes Recorder from Chrome and Chromium browsers. 

Step 1: Navigate to your browser's Extensions menu  

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The Extensions menu may be accessed via the following steps:
  1. Select the Options button within the top right corner of your browser window
  2. Select More Tools 
  3. Select Extensions

Step 2: Locate the ThousandEyes Recorder within your list of extensions & select Remove 

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The Extensions menu will display a list of extensions that are installed within your browser. 
  1. Locate the ThousandEyes Recorder extension
  2. Select Remove

Step 3: Verify that you would like to remove the ThousandEyes Recorder extension

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  1. Once you have selected the Remove option within the ThousandEyes Recorder extension listing, a dialog box will be displayed at the top of your screen
  2. Locate the dialog box prompting for verification of removal
  3. Select Remove


As software maintained by Google, the Chrome and Chromium browsers may receive updates that change navigation and extension management options. ThousandEyes Customer Success is available via our in-application chat function, or via email at, to answer any questions that you may have.